Music: PJ Show_NBL X NG Foundation – Brothers Keeper (Unite) _ @pjshow_nbl

  Former super talented act PJ Show who officially added NBL to his name which simply means ‘NO BE LIE‘ few months ago, Now known as PJ Show_NBL has finally dropped another mind blowing hit single which he titled “BROTHERS KEEPER (UNITE)“. Just after he drops a mighty collaboration with the ace producer MASTERKRAFT tagged ‘BECAUSE OF U’, he decided to inspire every individuals what the power of UNITY could bring to our now society.  
  BROTHERS KEEPER (UNITE)‘ is a masterpiece inspired by a non funded charity organization “NG FOUNDATION“, who whole heartedly dedicated themselves to giving back to the societies world wide, and also give hope to the hopeless no matter there differences.  
  Listen & Download “PJ Show_NBL X NG Foundation – Brothers Keeper (Unite) _ @pjshow_nbl”  
  Download “PJ Show_NBL X NG Foundation – Brothers Keeper (Unite) _ @pjshow_nbl”   What do you think about this song?   We want to hear from you all.   Drop your comments

1,070 replies on “Music: PJ Show_NBL X NG Foundation – Brothers Keeper (Unite) _ @pjshow_nbl”

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